Chapter 611

How to join EAA611

If you are interested in joining our Gainesville, GA chapter EAA611, please contact one of our members or simply come to an event and we will supply you with a membership application or you can print one from here:  

EAA611 Member Application 2018.pdf

Mail the application to:  EAA611 P.O. Box 3189 Gainesville GA 30503 

Our current member dues are only $ 20. 

We suggest filling out the name badge form below as well so we can all learn each others names when at meetings and events.  


Current Members & New Members

If you are a current member or new member you may have questions.  We have answers!  (well, we like to think we have them all).   

If you would like to order a 611 name badge, we have order forms and can get you a name badge. Name badges are currently $10 each.  If you have an older name badge and would like a magnetic style.  We have almost 150 members, so its hard to learn everyone’s name.  Name tags help! 

EAA611 NameTag Order 2018.pdf 

We are always ordering shirts and apparel with our logo.  If you are interested in either, please let an officer know.  


We need volunteers for every event and without volunteer help, it would be tough for our organization to survive.  If you have an extra hour prior to meetings to help out or any skills you are willing to share, please let us know.  

We have our annual Cracker Fly-In coming up in July and we need volunteers to help run the Fly-In.  Please let us know how you can help.

If you are or know someone that can speak at an event or meeting, we are always looking for new speakers.   

Hints for Homebilders videos at