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2018 news

As we move into the new year, we look forward to new goals.  Our officers have a list of things we would love to accomplish this year in order to improve and grow EAA 611 in order to share our passions with others.  In doing so, we are going to need YOUR help!  Our chapter depends on each and every one of you doing something small in order for us to accomplish something large.  So when a project comes up, please try to help out in some way.  

All new activities and fly ins are listed on the calendar and event page, so please check them out.  

Our 49th Cracker Fly In will be Saturday, July 7th 2018. Last year's Cracker was once again, the biggest and best from what the attendees and our volunteers told us.  We had an average of 3500 people and 160+ airplanes throughout the day.  We hope everyone had fun and plans to return again next year.  Please visit for info.  

Thank you all for your continued support in helping EAA 611 share our love of aviation with others.


2017 Annual Scavenger Hunt

Get ready for another fun day flying around north Georgia! This year's hunt will be on a Saturday shortly after Easter. Check back soon for more details. 

We held last year's annual scavenger hunt Saturday, April 23, 2016.  We had beautiful weather for flying and just hanging out with good friends.  

In case you were curious, here were last year's clues:  

1.            Water Slide/Water Park

2.            Wind Sock Other Than KGVL

3.            Orange Colored Roof

4.            Heliport/Helipad (not at KGVL)

5.            Rock Quarry

6.            Clermont Water Tower

7.            Paved Runway UNDER 1000’ (hint:  RC)

8.            Historic Indian Burial Mound

 There was a twist last year:  Participants were only required to find 5 of the 8, but if they got ALL 8, we would shave 15 min from their time!  

Dick Smith & Mark Lobstein won 1st place with 24 min, Brian Simmons 2nd place with 25 min and Winn Fletcher & Tony Hardener 3rd place with 31 min.  Congratulations to our winners!!  

"North GA 30 Club"

EAA611’s newest event/challenge is back for another year.  We kicked off the “North GA 30 Club” challenge on Feb 1, 2016. The clock started over for 2018 in January. The rules and challenge sheet are linked here as well as can be found printed at the Shell Fuel Farm @ KGVL.

North Georgia 30 Club Challenge.pdf

North Georgia 30 Club Challenge Rules.pdf

This challenge is to encourage pilots to gather up friends and fly to the 30 public airports in North Georgia.  These are all above Interstate 20.  After accomplishing the task, each member (must be an active EAA611 member) will receive a North GA 30 Club pin as shown.  Members can be Pilot, co-pilot or passenger.

Whoever is the first to accomplish the challenge each year will receive a trophy as well as a get their name on the challenge plaque that will be added to each year.

Get out, fly, take a friend and have fun!   


Welcome our new officers for 2018

Elections were held late last year and we have elected our new officers for 2018.  We thank all that work hard to keep our chapter operating, both officers and "worker bees".  We have a big year ahead of us with a lot of events new and old.  

Our new officers for 2018:


President:  Tony Herdener


Vice President:  Cheryl Hawkins


Secretary:  Mike Freeman


Treasurer:  Brad Sasser



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